The team at NCHS are going to give this contest the best chance they can at running as normal.  Below find a new schedule.  

Their decision at this time is to delay the contest by 1 hour in order to give the weather a chance to clear up.  To that end, as it will be a raw day no matter what, they will be having award ceremonies after each class.   (See that reflected below)

To that end, here are some considerations that must be made:

1.  Please make sure you arrive at our new time of 9:45AM ready to go.  With potentially bad weather in the morning, there is no room for error leaving on time.

2.  Rain jackets are a must tomorrow.   If there is still mist around from the departing weather system, which for us as a single A band will have the greatest risk, we will still march.  No one will march without a rain jacket, so make sure you bring one lest you not be permitted to march

3.  Chaperones are going to be very important tomorrow as we work to tarp down our electronics.  Thank you to chaperones and we ask that you please be to Naperville Central by 10:45AM ready to help unload and cover equipment from the truck.  

4.  Our new performance time is 1:30PM.  Awards will be at 2:00PM.  We will likely remain on the field to be present for awards and load the truck after the awards ceremony.  Covering equipment will be a must and if rain is too challenging, we may need to load the truck and miss awards to protect equipment.  This will be a “game time” decision.

5.  It will be cold tomorrow and windy, please dress accordingly to stay warm when not in uniform.

6. Finally, please understand that if the weather is still challenging, the goal will be to make a call that allows the entire class to perform in the same settings (Inside vs. outside), so you may hear from me in the morning that despite all of this, we will still have an indoor performance.  

Our departure time is earlier than before with a planned dismissal of 5:00PM after the truck is unloaded. 

Hopefully this answers most of your questions, and I will work to answer as many as I can tomorrow morning when we are all together again.  Bottom line, please follow the schedule below and we will be able to treat much of this like a normal contest, just with rain jackets for this one!

Thanks to all and see you tomorrow!