We are fundraising with See’s Candy for the BPO. To be clear, this is NOT for your individual accounts. Rather, all profits will go toward supporting the entire BPO.

For local orders, please share the below PDF candy menu with friends and family.

You may use the order form to keep track of your sales.

Please make sure you get the customer’s name, phone number, their order checked off clearly, and the amount paid. Local orders will NOT be charged a shipping fee.

Payments can be Zelle’d to: 847-219-5800 if cash payment cannot be made or checks made payable to: Jenny Schwartzberg. If you collect cash, please make sure the cash is given to Jenny Schwartzberg.

For any friends and family from out of state or not local to our area for distribution, you may share the below link, but make sure they know that the below shipping fees will apply. Their orders will be mailed directly from See’s to the customer’s address.

Spend up to $39.99 shipping will be  $7.95
$40-$69.99 shipping will be $5.95
$70+ free shipping