Reminders about how we will be handling uniforms this year. Read below to find which group applies to you!

Returning Members:
Students who were in marching band last year must have their uniforms dry cleaned this summer.  Students will be required to submit a dry cleaning receipt during band camp, so please take your uniform to be dry cleaned by 8/16.  

Prior to having your uniform dry cleaned, please try your uniform on to see how it fits and then fill out the form below.  If the uniform fits, you will keep it for next school year, no additional action is required.  If anything doesn’t fit, you will indicate on the form below, and then setup a time to exchange the parts that do not fit for one that does.

The form will ask questions about what works and what doesn’t and hopefully give us some information to help pick out a new uniform for quick refit.  This form is due by 8/7. 

Returning Marching Band Member Form

New Members:
All new members to the band should fill out the form below as accurately as possible so that we can pull a new uniform for you.  You will then attend a summer or after school fitting appointment which are listed below.  

New Marching Band Member Form

Uniform Fitting Appointments:
If you are a new member or a returning member who needs an exchange, please attend one of these uniform fitting appointments.  

Wednesday July 26th 6:00PM – 8:00PM

Wednesday August 2nd 6:00PM – 8:00PM

Thursday August 24th 3:15PM – 5:00PM (After School)

Friday August 25th 3:15PM – 5:00PM (After School)

You must fill out the form below to confirm your appointment.  Each appointment will be limited to 15 people.  Once it reaches 15 it will be closed.  As a reminder, this is only for new members and those needing to exchange a piece of their uniform that does not fit. 

Uniform Fitting Appointment