IMEA Jazz Audition Materials

IMEA auditions will take place at Stevenson High School on October 4th beginning at 4pm.  Specific information will be given in class.  Audition materials are available here.  Please read ALL of the instructions for your instrument and then print the pages you need.  Good luck!!

**The IMEA office has indicated which parts of the “A Question Of Hope” that they will be using for the auditions.  Please look over this document to see the sections for your instrument.

Download (PDF, Unknown)


About the Jazz Bands

The Jazz Band program at GBN consists of two bands, the Jazz Ensemble and the Jazz Lab Band.  These bands meet each morning from 6:55-7:35am.  The bands play a wide variety of music that ranges from traditional big band swing tunes to contemporary rock tunes.  The bands play at school concerts as well as community events such as Festa Italiana, Northbrook pancake breakfast and Rotary Club events.

Jazz band is a credit course and enrollment is open to any GBN band member.  The bands have performed with many guest artists over the years including Doug Beach, Bob Lark, Paul Wertico, Ellen Rowe, Dana Hall, Jeff Coffin and more.