The BPO is dedicated to enhancing the musical education of students at GBN. We help by supporting the purchase and maintenance of instruments, attendance by the bands at various local, regional and national contests, and providing additional learning opportunities for the students. Here are  the fundraising events throughout the year.

  1. Annual Corn Roast – Labor Day weekend on Sunday.
  2. Festa Italiana –  November 6th.
  3. Concert in the Park – Late May or Early June on Saturday.

We rely heavily on parent volunteers for these events. Our next event will be Festa Italiana our biggest fundraiser of the year.

Please contact Tanya Solomon at if you are interested in helping this great cause!

There are many ways you can help:

  • Donation requests – Choose a geographical location (map provided) and start email campaign for larger merchants.
  • Pick up donations when ready.
  • Update spreadsheet with donated items as needed.
  • Wrap donations in baskets.
  • Prepare description of items for each basket.
  • Order food and coordinate delivery and donations from Sunset Foods.
  • Set up cafeteria and decorations for event.
  • Clean up after event.
  • Thank you letters.