The BPO Nominating Committee of Caroline Gau, Erica Lallas and Jason Torf hereby submit the following BPO Board Candidates to be elected during the May BPO meeting (date TBD) by all attending current BPO Members.

The date and location (which may be in-person or virtual) of the meeting is to be determined. Please monitor this page for updated information as May approaches.

Proposed Board Positions for 2021-2022

PresidentCaroline Gau
VPs-HospitalityKatie Walther
VPs-HospitalityMichelle Kohler
VPs-Fundraising/External ProjectsBarry & Heather Gassman
VPs-Fundraising/External ProjectsDavid MacMillin 
VPs-Fundraising/External ProjectsJeff Leven
TreasurerAbe Reese
SecretaryMelissa Prober 
ChaperoneHeidi Sloan
ChaperoneBetsy Decker
Color GuardJinny Hyun 
Communications/Social MediaJane Hendricks
Communications/WebsiteLinn Pi
PublicityPeter Herr 
Friends of BPO/SpiritwearTania Stolyarov
Friends of BPO/SpiritwearLina Andreou
UniformsTeralyn Keith
UniformsErica Lallas 
Marching Band Set CoordinatorDerek Gau